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  • HR Excellence Awards Finalist 2014 The most innovative deployment of HR technology.
  • Contact & Call Centres Our online profile checks are finding that more confidential information is being unwittingly leaked than ever before. Our profiling and monitoring services help our customers to protect campaign and client information.
  • Independent & Private Schools Online social profiling and the associated compliance requirements did not exist when many of the UK’s teachers were trained.
  • Legal & Finance The SP-Index official accreditation is available to customers who implement our online profile monitoring services, enhancing the levels of trust and confidence with their clients.
  • Recruitment We are dramatically de-risking recruitment by providing a ‘new breed’ of information to support decision making and talent matching. Candidates now include their SP-Index rating on their CV and Linkedin.
  • Retail During recruitment, online profile background checks can be adjusted according to role, your working culture and ethos. Post-recruitment, our monitoring reports provide you with an effective solution to protect your brand online.
  • Health & Social Care Monitoring the digital footprints of your employees helps to confirm that staff policies are abided to and that patient confidentiality and service quality is always upheld.
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Role Based Profiling

Profile Monitoring

Consultancy & Training

Role-based profiling looks into the social media background trails left online by individuals and summarises online behavioural traits in a report. Checks during recruitment have become essential to reduce business disruption, employee churn, re-recruiting costs and – in extreme cases – damage to your brand. Our social media profile reports provide all you need to know about the way staff portray themselves online. Results are presented in an appropriate and compliant way, without invading their privacy. Occasionally, the results of these employee background checks will undoubtedly prompt you to take action. If you monitor your workforce using online social media profiling, you might be surprised by the commercial naivety some employees display.

In reality, employees would rather be trained than continue behaving unwisely online.

Social Media Employee and Recruitment Background Checks

Employment-related online social profiling is a background check powered by the Social People Index. This profiling technology developed by Social Media Consulting provides the foundation for the evaluation reports. Sometimes results are encouraging, sometimes they indicate the need for training, and occasionally they are alarming!

“Online social profiling reveals the truth behind an employee’s online words and actions along with the unsaid facts hidden behind each CV , and is entirely compliant with current legislation.” - Martin Hardy, CEO and founder of Social Media Consulting

Online social media checks on employees

The SP-Index reports the results of its social media checks in a short, easy-to-understand personalised document, whilst keeping organisations safely compliant with employment laws and regulations. It finds the digital footprints left by an individual and provides a series of key index related scores when compared against national benchmarks.

Thinking ahead, reducing risk and saving money

These online social profile checks are a much-needed response to the growing epidemic of expensive and irreversible mistakes that employees have made online. They have frequently resulted in sackings and tribunals, attracting unwanted media attention. All this can be avoided by using one or more of the SP-Index services:

Role-based profiling and screening – improves the quality of talent matching.

Employee monitoring – enables you to take early action if required.

Training and education – many employees simply do not realise the consequences of their online actions.

Online social profiling

Our reports indicate to potential or existing employers if an individual’s social media activities:

  • breach company policy
  • are leaking or are likely to leak information
  • could potentially damage your brand and reputation
  • may have an impact on sales and customer relations
  • confirm the details on their CV
  • are encouraging illegal activities
  • demonstrate undesirable characteristics which are unwelcome in the workplace.

Many employees now include the SP-Index ratings on their CV's and LinkedIn

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