Our Sectors

Health & Social Care

Online Social Profiling during recruitment and monitoring employees’ online cognitive style helps to confirm that patient or client confidentiality and service quality is being upheld.

Legal & Finance

Accrediting your organisation’s integrity with SP Index certification will demonstrate your continuous awareness of the impact of each employee’s online social profile and visibility landscape during recruitment and throughout employment.


SP Index role-based online social profiling checks are dramatically de-risking recruitment by providing a ‘new breed’ of information to support decision making. The report improves your candidate matching by outlining an individual’s online cognitive behaviour, based on their digital footprint, while remaining compliant with discrimination law.


Online Social Profiling during recruitment– and perhaps monitoring the behaviour of key employees can help maintain positive brand awareness. Seeing and understanding their own reports helps educate staff in brand protection.

Independent & Private Schools

Online social media checks for the education industry are becoming as essential as CRB checks and references. Under the watchful eyes of parents and Ofsted, you must have a protective policy in place which all staff understand and comply with.

Contact & Call Centres

Our online employee profile checks are finding that more confidential information is being unwittingly leaked through online channels than ever before. Even though it often goes unnoticed, it breaches company regulations and possibly even the law. SP-Index online social profile monitoring helps to prevent this.

Other Sectors

The SP-Index social profiling services are suitable for the all business sectors and companies. For more information on your particular industry, please contact us.


You will find each of these elements included in all online social profiling reports – they also indicate each employee’s cognitive behaviours, which are often found to be reflected in the workplace:

  • Employer Risk Rating: A traffic-light system which can indicate business risk and training requirements
  • Privacy Rating: A measure of the information that an individual makes freely available to everyone online and how carefully privacy settings are managed
  • Content Rating: A measure of commercially favourable content
  • Professional/Social Weighting: An impression of the main focus of online activity including areas of the web that postings are made
  • Visibility Landscape: The variety of areas in which an individual is apparent online

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