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The Index

What Is The Social People Index?

The SP-Index was developed over a period of 18 months by Social Media Consulting before its launch in 2012. Since then, data has continued to be gathered and applied, so the benchmarks within this online social behaviour assessment and profiling system remain up to date.

Where do your benchmarks come from?

The SP-Index is profile evaluation software, unique to Social Media Consulting, that contains data which has set benchmark behaviour levels from a representative sample of the online profiles from individuals in the UK.

What type of websites and portals does the SP Index research for information on an individual?

  • Social networks
  • Professional networks
  • News reports
  • Blogs
  • Personal listings
  • E-commerce/retail
  • General searches
  • (Online dating sites are not included in this search.)


What does the SP-Index report show?

When the SP-Index reporting tool is applied to an individual’s online visibility landscape (web presence across multiple sites), it compares the findings against relevant benchmarks and generates a report profiling the type of online behaviour it has found.


What is included in the analysis within the report?

Social People Rating: An overall rating calculated from all the data SP-Index has gathered on an individual, which is summarised below.

Employer Risk Rating: A traffic-light system highlighting if you should have any cause for concern with regard to online bullying, harassment, leakage of information and other traits which would not be acceptable within a workplace.

Privacy Rating: A measure of how much openly and publicly available personal information can be seen online and how privacy settings are managed in websites.

Content Rating: The result is influenced by the use of imagery, language, behaviour towards others, attitudes towards social boundaries, negative blogging or posts, bullying, illegal activity and endorsement of drink and drugs.

Professional/Social Weighting: This separates the degree to which an individual has used sites professionally and socially and indicates the volume of information applied to each.

Visibility Landscape: An indication of how widely an individual uses the web, separated into the seven web components within the research.


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