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Role Based Profiling

Online Social Profiling and Screening

Role-based profiling looks into the social media background trails left online by individuals and summarises online behavioural traits in a report. Checks during recruitment have become essential to reduce business disruption, employee churn, re-recruiting costs and – in extreme cases – damage to your brand.

What will an SP-Index role-based profile report tell you?

The online background check report considers factors pertinent to the employer, for example:

  • Negative comments about employers and brands.
  • Bullying or harassment.
  • Appropriate use of language.
  • The nature of imagery posted.
  • Consistency of factual information across multiple sites.
  • An individual’s visibility landscape reflecting their privacy management and the category of online areas in which they appear.

Specific details of online postings and other information is never extracted and given to the employer. The data is only used for determining the individual’s general online profile which enables the employer to remain compliant.

A sample report is available to illustrate what a social profile report contains and how an employee social media check works.

Could I carry out social media background checks in-house?

Manually checking the social media profiles behind each CV is incredibly time-consuming, prone to human error – and is likely to breach human rights legislation.

Although it is legal for you to read about a person on social media sites, it divulges protected characteristics about them which could put you at risk of discriminating against them. SP-Index reports provide you with all the information you need to support well-informed decisions about your potential risks, without breaching legislation or regulations.

What’s the value of online social profiling?

SP-Index reports evaluate each candidate’s online cognitive style and profile against your organisation’s requirements, values and culture. Research indicates that the some of the characteristics highlighted in these social profile checks are likely to be demonstrated in the workplace.

These simple and cost-effective reports can help prevent minor slip-ups – as well as major media disasters by highlighting the need for training or improving the quality of talent sourcing during your recruitment selection process.

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