Retail Employee Online Social Profiling

Training in online social profile management is particularly important to well-known brands in B2C industries where reputation is everything.

Online social profiling during recruitment– and perhaps monitoring the behaviour of key employees can help maintain positive brand awareness. Seeing and understanding their own reports helps educate staff in brand protection.

Protecting your brand

Critical online postings by staff can be the most damaging of all and can quickly dilute the trust between the consumer and the retailer resulting in loss of sales and a drop in consumer confidence.

Our services support our customers to take proactive action to help protect their business.

What is included in an online social profile report?

You will find each of these elements included in each online background report – they also indicate each employee’s cognitive behaviours:

  • Employer Risk Rating: A traffic-light system which can indicate training requirements.
  • Privacy Rating: A measure of information that an individual makes freely available to everyone online.
  • Content Rating: A measure of commercially unfavourable content.
  • Professional/Social Weighting: Weighting of professional and social posts made.
  • Visibility Landscape: The variety of areas in which an individual is apparent online.

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