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Online Social Profiling Across All Industries

The SP-Index suits all organisations and their employees – even staff who do not work with a computer. Our social profile reports can be ordered online and tailored to your organisation’s culture and policies.

Using social profiling reports in recruitment and to monitor your staff’s online behaviour:

  • Delivers rapid return on investment by improving recruitment accuracy.
  • Ensures you comply with legislation concerning protected characteristics.
  • Deters staff from breaking your social media and brand management policies.
  • Highlights training needs in social media usage.
  • Helps prevent information leaks.
  • Protects your brand and reduces business risk.

Accrediting your organisation’s integrity with SP-Index certification demonstrates your awareness of the impact of staff’s online activities throughout recruitment and employment.

What’s in an SP-Index report?

You will find each of these elements included in our online profile – they also indicate each employee’s cognitive behaviours, which are often also seen in the workplace:

  • Employer Risk Rating: A traffic-light system which can indicate training requirements.
  • Privacy Rating: A measure of information that an individual makes freely available to everyone online.
  • Content Rating: A measure of commercially unfavourable content.
  • Professional/Social Weighting: Weighting of professional and social posts made.
  • Visibility Landscape: The variety of areas in which an individual is apparent online.

During recruitment, background employment profile checks can be adjusted according to role, your organisation’s culture and specialism. Post-recruitment, our monitoring reports provide you, your wider team and your clients with confidence in your systems and ethics.



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