Our Values

Those within Social Media Consulting take pride in maintaining a dedicated working ethos and ensuring they remain approachable and as accessible as possible to customers.

Customer and colleague relationships are the organisation’s highest priority, a factor reflected in the speed of SP-Index’s success. These values reflect unanimous staff belief in what Social Media Consulting stands for:

Professional – ultimately professional, we conduct ourselves and our work appropriately for the businesses we are engaging with.

Independent and specialist – the SP-Index was established by a dedicated team of professional consultants, each of whom has spent more than 20 years in blue-chip companies. Each member of the team has different expert specialisms, including customer quality and service delivery, information technology, finance, business and recruitment. With this sought-after group of professionals, we focus on client and stakeholder needs and plans.

Enthusiastic – our team are excited about their work. Our ideas come from understanding customer needs, working intensely to repeatedly deliver successful results and, where possible, exceeding their expectations.

Honest – we provide clear and objective advice. Our processes are open and easily understood.

Confident – we have the confidence and capability to help you achieve your objectives.

Dynamic and innovative – we are inventive and flexible. Using all of our skills in harmony with your business, we provide tailored and lasting solutions.

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