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The Power of ONSRA Checks

ONSRA stands for Online Network Security Risk Assessment and looks into the network relationships of individuals across their digital footprint, including social and professional networks and connected groups, news and media blogs and much more. ONSRA reports are providing a ‘new breed’ of intelligence to support decision making.

Compliant Online Social Profiling

 SP-Index ONSRA checks are dramatically de-risking businesses which have a high focus towards safety and security of staff and the general public and which act as representatives for policing government policies such as immigration and tax fraud or smuggling.

The ONSRA check complies with all legislation including Data Protection, Aviation and Maritime Security Acts and Anti-terrorism Acts and is particularly focused towards identifying those linked on social media to Proscribed Organisations. For ultimate protection the ONSRA will identify those with online behaviours leaning towards violent and threatening behaviour, racism, discrimination and harassment.

Although it is legal to read about a person on social media sites, it divulges protected characteristics about them which could put you at risk of discriminating against them. SP-Index reports provide you with all the information you need to support well-informed decisions about your potential risks, without breaching legislation or regulations. 

Strengthen your pre-employment screening and vetting processes with Online Social Profiling

If you currently carry out enhanced security checks (such as Airside Pass checks), credit checks and enhanced DBS checks then you should consider modernising your pre-employment checks to include Online Social Profile Checks. Reports are prepared using SP Index market benchmarks and SP Index analytics in order to highlight unusual online behaviours which are assessed for safety and security risk.

The ONSRA will identify inconsistencies within an individual's online profile by screening hundreds of websites and millions of web pages, bringing the information together into a consolidated and easy to read report.

These are the elements included in each ONSRA social profiling report – they also indicate each employee’s online cognitive behaviours, which are often subsequently reflected in the workplace:

  • Employer Risk Rating: A traffic-light system which can indicate training requirements.
  • Privacy Rating: A measure of information that an individual makes freely available to everyone online.
  • Content Rating: A measure of commercially unfavourable content.
  • Enhanced Network Risk Assessment: A measure that considers both network density of an individual as well as specific connections to other individuals and groups.
  • Visibility Landscape: The variety of areas in which an individual is apparent online.

SP-Index checks can be adjusted depending on the role and the organisation’s culture and function. We are confident that enhancing your service in this way will increase safety and security as well as provide an additional and significant financial return on investment.



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